Li - Multi - LED Stage Lighting Effect

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- Sound Active DJ Dance Studio Stage Lighting Lights is new and never used.
- Ideal for Disco, Ballroom, KTV, Bar, Stage, Club, Party Open-air dance hall etc.
- With high quality LED light source, Less comsumption, high brightness.
- Stable performance and long life. Choose high through light, ensure brightness LED from losses.
- Dynamic magical dream effect, such as gradual changing, hopping, etc.
- All this wonder and beauty of the night sky bring unforgetable performance!

Voltage: AC90-240V 50-60hz
Rate Power: 18W
Control Mode: Auto Sound,DMX512,Automatic

7 auto function modes:
A1: Normally on Red, Green, Blue, motor from slow to fast
A2: Normally on Yellow powder Green, motor from slow to fast
A3: Normally on Purple, Orange, White, motor from slow to fast
A4: Nice color jump, motor from slow to fast
A5: Nice color cycle, motor from slow to fast
A6: Color changing slowly 1, motor moves slowly to speed, no stobe
A7: Color changing slowly 2, motor moves slowly to speed, no stobe

3 sound function modes:
S1: In sound, color change, blasting flash mode
S2: Sound, color change, the bynamic model
S3: Sound, color change, lyrical mode

Boot off: through the keys into the DMX and exit the DMX mode

Package include:
1 x 18W Stage Light
1 x Power Cable
1 x User Manual

Weitere Produktinformationen

  • Kaltgerätekabel 230 Volt
  • DMX 512
  • DMX + Sound to Light
  • Manuel mit Fernbedienung
Darstellbare Farben
  • Rot
  • Blau
  • Grün
  • Gelb
Laser Nein
Strobeeffekt Ja
Menge Einzeln
  • CE

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